May - Cippenham litter pick 15 May

But first, what did we do in April?

We enjoyed some beautiful days in April, and on one of them, we had an Easter event in Chalvey. The Chalvey Community Partnership (CCP) organised a virtual egg hunt combined with a litter pick.

There were ten different tasks hidden in Chalvey Rec which all involved doing some healthy task linked to Easter. Such as ten bunny hops and running on the spot. We collected more than ten bags of litter and random items such as a chair, metal springs, metal fencing, and a giant foam pad. The families were rewarded with sandwiches and chocolate easter eggs in the Chalvey Hub. Thanks, CCP, we had a lot of fun!

Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual event on 22 April to support environmental protection. The theme for 2022 was ‘Invest in our planet’. We asked volunteers to care for the earth, care for Slough and care for themselves, and invest just 1 hour of their time to litter pick in Lascelles Park on 23 April.

We filled six bags with a lot of plastic waste, a bolt cutter and discarded clothes. We focused on hidden litter in the bushes, which fit an Earth Day litter pick. Thank you to the volunteers; some came from the other side of Slough, proving that you don’t only have to care about your local area.

Meaningful May

Have you ever heard about Action for Happiness? That is a movement of people taking action to create a happier and kinder world together. Linda from the Slough Happiness Collective organises a monthly Zoom session every first Thursday in Slough.

The monthly theme is discussed; this month, it is Meaningful May. “Finding meaning in life can support a happy and fulfilling life. Whether it comes from our relationships, purposeful work, or our connection to the wider world, meaning is something we can all benefit from understanding and developing.”

Action for Happiness also releases a monthly calendar with ideas on how to put the theme into practice. Of course, our favourite this month is day 15, “do something to contribute to your local community”. ?

Litter pick in Cippenham

And for the litter pick of this month, we are going to Cippenham! Let’s meet next to the Asda on Cippenham Moat to pick up litter pickers and bags and spread out from there.

Remember to bring (gardening) gloves and wear weather appropriate clothing and shoes.

We will pick for 1,5 – 2 hrs so we can tackle (part of) the 2-mile brook. But of course, you can stay as long or short as you like, every bit helps!

For all volunteers, there will be water/coffee/tea and a snack ? ☕️ ? ( courtesy of Asda!)

Big Plastic Count 16 – 22 May

If you can’t make 15 May or litter picking is not your thing. How about joing in with the big pastic count? We need as many households as possible to take part. Let’s uncover the truth about plastic waste – and compare results!

Nobody really knows how much plastic we’re throwing away or what happens to it, and we suspect it’s worse than anyone realises. Recycling alone isn’t going to solve the plastic problem. There’s simply too much of it and our recycling systems can’t cope.

Greenpeace and Everyday Plastic have launched the nation’s biggest ever investigation into household plastic waste. Together, we will uncover the truth about how much household plastic we throw away, and how much is really recycled. This new evidence will be crucial to convince the government, big brands and supermarkets to take ambitious action on plastic packaging.

Sign in on the website, it is really as easy as it sounds: tally your plastic for a week on a form that they provide and submit results, thats it!

No Mow May

And if you want to do even more for the environment, how about doing less? Mowing that is. Plantlife’s No Mow May campaign doesn’t ask you to do much. In fact, it asks you to not do anything at all… Just lock up your lawnmower on May 1st and let the wild flowers in your lawn bloom, providing a feast of nectar for our hungry pollinators.

Plants are the foundation of life and shape our world; However, since the 1930’s, we have lost nearly 7.5 million acres (97%) of flower-rich meadows and pastures and with them vital food for our wildlife and pollinators – Our outdoor spaces can help address this loss. Post a picture of your wild lawn with the #nomowmay and join this movement.

In conclusion, we think everyone can contribute something to the anti-litter community this month! Thank you so much for your support and we hope to see you soon ?

On behalf of the committee,


Who are we?

Slough Anti Litter Society is a community group with the aim of making Slough a better and cleaner place. We organise regular events, our motto is Be the change that you want to see in Slough. 

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