On Sunday, 30 January we organised our first event of 2022 and our first non-litter picking event ever: a secondhand market in Queensmere shopping centre.

There were 22 sellers with various products, from young babies to adult clothes, shoes, toys, bric-a-brac, and even an electric scooter!

Sellers mentioned the amount of unused stuff we all keep in our houses and how good it feels to declutter and sell what you don’t need.

Visitors were very enthusiastic, saying that there were good products and nice bargains. One lady was on her way to London to do clothes shopping, but stopped at our market and got all she needed.

There was also a competition ‘guess how many flower seed bombs are in the bowl’; the winner of a year’s plastic-free sponges was Maria, she guessed the correct amount: it was 91!

If you have any feedback after visiting or selling on the market, please let us know as this helps us to create future events.

We want to make this a regular market, but we need more volunteers to run it. So if you have time and are interested in volunteering with us, please send us an email. If you are interested in selling and visiting the next market, keep an eye on the event page at https://sloughantilitter.org.uk/events as we hope to announce another one soon!

We would also like to thank the Queensmere Observatory (https://queensmereobservatory.co.uk/) for the generosity in allowing us to use the old B&M store for our market.

Our event next month will be a litter pick on 20 February, starting at the Rugby Club in Upton Court Park. Will we see you there?