About us

Who are we?

The Slough Anti-Litter Society (SALS) is a group of people who live, work, and/or learn in Slough, united by a passion for a cleaner, greener Slough.

We tackle litter problems head-on by bringing people together for fun and impactful Clean-up, Reduce, Re-use, Repair and Upcycle events. Our mission is simple: a litter-free and environmentally conscious Slough.

Building strong community relationships is at our core. Litter affects everyone, and everyone has a role to play in improving our environment.

We believe in empowering individuals to become the change they want to see. Our motto, “Be the change you want to see in Slough,” reflects this belief. Together, we can create a significant impact.

So, join us for free by clicking here and be the change!
Let’s make Slough a cleaner, greener place for everyone.

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