About us

Who are we?

We are a group of people who live, work, and/or learn in Slough and want to make a positive difference to the environment and the local community.

We combat the litter problems in Slough by bringing people together for Clean-up, Reduce, Re-use and Upcycling events, and we won’t stop until Slough is clean and green.

We build strong relationships across communities because everyone agrees that litter is a problem and shares the purpose of improving our environment.

Everyone can join in and participate in the events we organise:
smile By selling items at the second-hand market, you can make some money whilst decluttering
smile By buying second-hand, you’re saving money, re-using and preventing unwanted items from going to landfill
smile By litter picking, you make a direct positive impact on your environment whilst meeting your neighbours and other community members
smile By upcycling at one of our workshops, you’ll have fun, get creative and try something new
smile By planting flower seed bombs, you get closer to nature and help the butterflies and bees
smile By attending one of our repair cafés, you’ll learn how your items can be repaired, saving you money and reducing landfill
smile By volunteering with us, you’ll have fun, learn new skills and meet many lovely people while doing something meaningful.

We aim to get the best out of people by tapping into their ability to make a difference. Our motto is ‘Be the change you want to see in Slough’. This reflects our view that we are all valuable and can make a substantial impact together.

So, join us by clicking here and be the change you want to see in Slough!


How did the society start?

The Slough Anti-Litter Society was founded in March 2021 by Bal (left) and Tirza (right), who met by chance while Tirza was litter picking in Upton Court Park. They decided to meet up and both agreed on the benefits of litter picking: being active outside, socializing, and working together towards a common goal.

The reactions from passersby were very positive and encouraging, so we decided to start a society to promote litter picking and environmental awareness in our local community.

In the first year, the society received funding from #OneSlough, which allowed us to purchase litter pickers, and the society organised litterpicks all over Slough. 

In 2022 the society started a repair café and a second-hand market in local shopping centre Queensmere Observatory to promote sustainability and reduce waste.

In 2023, together with Slough BID, the society organized a Fashion Upcycle Competition, which challenged participants to create new and stylish garments from old clothes. The competition was a great success and helped to raise awareness of the importance of recycling and reusing materials.

The Slough Anti-Litter Society is grateful for the support of its partners and funders, including the Community Fund, Tesco, and #OneSlough. They are also grateful for the support of the local community groups and businesses.

The society is always looking for new members. To join, simply click here and sign up for a free membership. You can also help out by attending one of our litter picking, repair, resell or upcycle events.

Want to see more? Have a look at the video’s below to see what we have done in the past few years.

We hope to see you soon!

Warm regards,


Co-founder and chair

Our Partners & Sponsors