About us

Who are we?


We are Slough residents who want to make a difference.
We are done with looking at and walking past litter every day. One day we decided to get a litter picker, a bag and safely pick up the rubbish we see in our local area.
But there has to be a systemic change because we don’t want to do this forever.
We raise awareness for the littering problem that there is in Slough. And we don’t stop there.
Let’s be the change you want to see in Slough!

Have a look at our 2021 highlights video below and join us for our next event. 


How did the society start?


The society started during the Covid lockdown when the litter-picking co-founders Bal and Tirza met by chance in a local park.

This resulted in the two of them going for a litter pick together where they both agreed on the benefits: being active outside, socialising and working together towards a common purpose.

The reactions from passersby were very positive and encouraging so they started the society that very same day on 18 March 2021.


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